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Mission Statement

Our Staff are devoted to providing a high quality of assistance for all your cannabis needs. We are an information center as well as a service provider.

We will provide assistance to Canadian citizens in obtaining their Health Canada medical exemption the MMAR program, as well as finding them fully qualified and professional designated growers if necessary. We also assist those who have a production license, by providing information regarding the determination of probable yields and how to maximize your yields, recognizing personal/medical use amounts, methods of delivery and their subsequent requirements, and by providing you with the knowledge to cultivate clean medicinal grade medication, safely and securely. In addition, we also offer security systems and discounted growing equipment.

By building a support network for Canadian citizens who choose to use cannabis as a form of medical treatment, we will be able to inform doctors, patients, and law enforcement of the medical uses of cannabis and how effective it is in relieving symptoms associated with patient’s medical diagnoses. For those medicinal cannabis patients who exercise their right to “informed consent” in choosing cannabis as an alternative form of medicine, and who are charged with possession and/or cultivation, we will provide assistance in representing yourself and having your charges withdrawn in court by proving medical need.

We have over 10 years of experience dealing with cannabis law and Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana Access Regulations program (MMAR). Canadian Cannabis Consulting will assist Canadians in obtaining a Federal License to possess or cultivate cannabis for medical purposes referring Canadians to the best Doctor to suit your needs, either in your area or from your very own home via Skype.


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