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For several years, Dr. Rob Kamermans has been helping Canadians obtain their licenses to grow, possess and smoke medical marijuana. However, his credibility is currently under attack, and without help he will be punished for his noble efforts rather than praised as he should be. Unless he obtains sufficient financial backing to thwart the fabricated charges against him, he will most likely be stripped of his medical authority and end up behind bars, unable to fight for the rights of those who rely on marijuana to treat their medical conditions.


Effective in alleviating the symptoms of an endless list of physical and mental illnesses, marijuana eases the suffering of many, who would otherwise have no hope for regaining quality of life. Furthermore, numerous studies have determined that it is even capable of reversing the growth of cancer. Enabling such miraculous results without resorting to poisoning the body with synthetic substances saves patients from the inescapable pitfalls of pharmaceuticals.


Most doctors would prefer that you remain on an assortment of medications so they can continue to reap the benefits of dishing out endless prescriptions, half of which are used to suppress the side effects of their original recommendations. Dr. Rob Kamermans is a shining example of a physician that actually cares about your wellbeing, as he has the insight to see through the pharmaceutically funded brainwashing that occurs in today’s medical curriculum. After all, the medical industry has much more to gain in keeping us sick rather than helping us heal.


If you believe that this is a cause worth fighting for, please donate. Every tiny bit helps, and with enough public support, there may be hope that Dr. Rob Kamermans will again be able to provide his service to Canadians in need. Otherwise, thousands of patients he has already helped will be unable to renew their licenses, and those who have not yet been freed from the clutches of the pharmaceutical industry may never experience the benefits of medical marijuana.


Your grandma with cancer, your neighbour with glaucoma, and your cousin with multiple sclerosis will all be forced to turn to damaging chemical substances, or be considered a criminal for attempting to procure the medicine they need through illegal sources.




COE HILL – A Coe Hill doctor and his wife are facing numerous fraud-related charges stemming from their distribution of medical marijuana prescriptions to patients across several jurisdictions.


Police charged Dr. Robert Kamermans, and his wife, Mary Kamermans, in what has unfolded as an extensive investigation spanning several months and dozens of hours of surveillance, police said. He’s scheduled to appear for a bail hearing in Belleville today.


Investigators say in a parallel investigation by Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Halifax, NS, Dr. Kamermans has been charged with two counts of attempted trafficking, for which he’s scheduled to appear in a Halifax court Sept. 4.


Police have been monitoring Kamermans activities for some time, said Sgt Kristine Rae of the OPP. An estimated 20 officers from the OPP and the RCMP raided both the home and the medical clinic of Dr. Kamermans back in January, but after questioning, no charges were laid and he was released. Numerous medical files seized during that operation had to be reviewed before charges were warranted, Rae said.


“Dr Kamermans was (charged) in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario and was returned to Bancroft,” Rae said. “At that time she (wife) was not at the office in Coe Hill because another search warrant was conducted there Wednesday.”


She was later located in Bancroft sometime Wednesday.


The investigation involved several police agencies, including the OPP anti-rackets branch, health fraud investigation unit and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who forged an investigation dubbed “Project THORNE” that focused on fraud and forged medical forms in relation to Health Canada Medicinal Marihuana (MMAR) documents.


Kamermans, 66, and his 64-year-old partner, have been charged in relation to fraudulent endorsements of MMAR in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and British Columbia between January 2011 and April 2012, police say.


Dr. Kamermans now faces a host of local charges including three counts of fraud, four counts of uttering forged documents, possession of property obtained by crime and laundering proceeds of crime.


An arrest warrant is outstanding for Mary Kamermans, a registered nurse, for charges of fraud, four counts of utter forged documents, possession of property obtained by crime and laundering proceeds of crime.


“Right now, just the couple are facing charges,” Sgt. Rae said. “The investigation stemmed around Dr. Kamermans and his wife.”


A QMI Agency story published earlier this year stated Kamermans was also taking heat for his practices by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.


The article also indicated Health Canada allowed Kamermans to participate in the national program, which permits him to assess each patient’s need based on their illness and grant them approval for a medical marijuana permit if warranted.


This gets sent to Health Canada for processing and in eight to 10 weeks the patient can either grow their own marijuana or designate someone to grow it for them. Patients can also access dried marijuana from Health Canada. Kamermans is permitted to bill OHIP for the various services.


Kamermans claimed at that time that the complaint that started the investigation was launched by another physician who does not support the program. Global Television featured the doctor in a documentary addressing the contentious subject.


By Jason Miller
Thursday, August 16, 2012 11:45:54 EDT AM