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Below are some answers to a few of the questions you might have. If you have additional questions that are not listed below, please contact us.


What does MC Card do?

MC Card is a patient assistance service. We eliminate the stress and headaches of obtaining a medical marijuana card for our patients. Our staff will locate a physician in your area and setup your medical evaluation appointment. You just have to show up for appointment and we take care of the rest.


Do I have to pay a physician fee?

Yes. The physician’s fee is a separate charge that is paid at the time of the appointment. Our staff will pre-negotiate the best fee prior to your medical evaluation appointment.


What is a typical physician fee?

Physician’s typically charge between $50-$140 for a medical marijuana evaluation. Fees may vary by location and Doctor.


Will I know what the physician fee is prior to my appointment?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email with your appointment information and physician fee amount.


Am I guaranteed to qualify for a card?

Yes, You will be guaranteed to be qualified for a card as we have ensured this before hand in your Free assessment that your conditions are serious enough to be Exempt. If you have any conditions that would deter the doctor from prescribing you Cannabis is the only reason you will not be signed, such as obesity, heart problems, lung problems, etc.


What health conditions usually qualify for a medical marijuana card?

There are many health conditions that all Provinces recognize and approve the use of MC for treatment. Form B1 is for Spinal cord injuries, Aids, Cancer, Epilepsy life threatening illnesses. B2 Form is for Chronic Pain, Migraines,


Is this insurance?

No. This is not insurance. Your card allows you to purchase, possess, grow, and transport medical marijuana in Canada Only.


Where can I obtain medical Cannabis?

Most MC patients obtain their medication from dispensaries or collectives. Physicians or evaluation clinics are not able to help you get your medication or advise you about dispensaries. It is a good idea to keep copies of all your information and all paperwork until your Plastic card comes in the mail in 8-10 weeks. Keep your MM ID card on you at all times when in Possession of Cannabis and you are legal (if you elected to apply) This is the only documents that have 100% legal standing with Canadian law enforcement across the County.


How do I use medical Cannabis?

A patient can experience the effects of Cannabis by inhaling smoke or vapors from the plant, ingesting Cannabis added to food or drink, applying concentrated variations of the plant under the tongue, or applying Cannabis lotions or salves to the skin.


What kind of Cannabis should I use?

There are two main varieties of Cannabis, Sativa and Indica. All Cannabis provides similar basic medical benefits including relief from pain and nausea and appetite stimulation, but SATIVA and INDICA affect the patient in notably different ways.


Cannabis Sativa is stimulating to the brain and has more psychoactive effects. It is best used to relieve depression, treat migraine headaches, and encourage activity.


Cannabis Indica is relaxing to the brain and has more bodily effect. It is best used to relieve anxiety, encourage sleep and treat muscle spasms.


Hybrid varieties combine Sativa and Indica and can have varying effects.