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Possession Charges

Each year, thousands of Canadians are arrested each on marijuana possession charges. Contrary to some public misinformation surrounding Canadian federal and provincial cannabis law, it is still considered illegal to possess any and all amounts of marihuana if you are not in possession of a federally issued Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) card.


Nonetheless, there are a number of court rulings and precedents that are available to use in one’s legal defense when faced with criminal charges as per marihuana possession, and Canadian Cannabis Consulting is extraordinarily well versed in these. With upwards of 10 years experience successfully defending cannabis-related charges, the staff of Canadian Cannabis Consulting have the legal know-how, firsthand experience and up to date knowledge of cannabis law jurisprudence to assist you in any marihuana possession offence charges you may be facing.


Moreover, the staff of Canadian Cannabis Consulting have extensive experience in assisting individuals to obtain their Marihuana Medical Access Regulation (MMAR) cards. With our knowledge of the medical and legal sectors, and the requirements and application processes related to legal cannabis possession, we exist to help our clients in the abolition of criminal charges as they relate to marijuana possession and usage.


For more information about us and how we have been successful in clearing our clients records of marihuana possession charges, please contact us today!


If you have been charged with a cannabis offence and then Obtained a Heath Canada Exemption after you were charged, your charges should be withdrawn 100%. By joining our support network you will have the support of our specialized Team of support workers. We will provide our Clients access to all of the most current information on Defending yourself in a court of Law. Don’t plead guilty until you know your Rights!


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