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Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Testimony and Investigative Assistance

Marijuana Related Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation


I (Derek Francisco) currently offer my services as an expert witness to the courts and as an assistant investigator for attorneys. My expertise may be of assistance for clients claiming the right to “Informed Consent” under Canadian Law, and to those who otherwise have reasonable claims to challenge marijuana related criminal charges due to medicinal needs.


My expertise includes areas related to:

  • determining probable yields
  • recognizing personal/medical use amounts
  • methods of delivery and their subsequent requirements
  • qualified professional designated growers
  • implementation guidelines and interactions with law enforcement
  • cultivation techniques
  • patient collectives and cooperatives
  • primary caregivers and lawful assistants
  • search warrant review
  • Section 8-11 charter violations expertise
  • cannabis concentrates
  • property and crop returns via s.24 Order


I have thus far been qualified as an expert across Canada assisting Canadian Citizens. I currently have a 100% success rate and have assisted in more than 20 cases that have been resolved. I have over 10 years of experience dealing with cannabis law and Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana Access Regulations program (MMAR). I am also a Federally Licenced Health Canada Exemptee who will also assist Canadians in obtaining a Federal Licence to possess or produce cannabis for medical purposes, referring Canadians to the best Doctor to suit your needs.


My personal background pertaining to my expertise and work history in the medical cannabis industry is very extensive, please contact me for any questions or concerns you have regarding the following subjects listed above.


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