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Court Consultations

Providing Court Assistance in representing yourself on All Cannabis related offences using the POL-COA DEFENCE (In Canada ONLY.)


We are a Group of Consultants & Advocates with more then 10 years of Legal knowledge on cannabis Laws in Canada and the Health Canada Medical Marijuana Program.


We will provide all the legal opinion and extensive knowledge on the state of Cannabis laws in Canada.


The BENO/POL-COA Defence is the most successful Defence in Canada, shielding Canadians against all Cannabis charges. Although BENO/POL-COA has not yet been ruled on in a Court of Law, they are both currently before the Ontario Court of Appeal on reserved decision by three judges in seven separate cases. Usually, the Crown attorney is more than willing to withdraw your charges rather than answer to BENO/POL-COA. Our Team has been extremely successful in assisting Canadian Citizens in avoiding criminal records and incarceration that would stay with them for the rest of their lives, by proving medical, exercising your right to “Informed Consent” or obtaining a Health Canada Federal Exemption.


  • Search Warrant Review.
  • Section 8-11 Charter violations expertise.
  • Implementation guidelines and interactions with law enforcement.
  • Property and Crop Returns via s.24 Order.



If you have been charged with a cannabis offence and then Obtained a Heath Canada Exemption after you were charged, your charges should be withdrawn 100%. By joining our support network you will have the support of our specialized Team of support workers. We will provide our Clients access to all of the most current information on Defending yourself in a court of Law.




Don’t Plead Guilty ~ Know Your Rights!


Court Assistance and Representation on Summary Convictions s.4 (1) Possession ONLY.




If you were convicted while the law was repealed between Aug. 01, 2001 to Oct. 07, 2003 or between Dec. 3, 2003 and Mar. 04, 2010 and want to Apply for an extension of time to overturn your conviction and appeal late and have your conviction overturned and your fine returned.


Our CCC Membership gives our Clients access to our Services, Resources, and extensive knowledge 7 Days a week 24 hours a day.