Canadian Cannabis Consulting

Canadian Cannabis Consulting -

Designated Grower Locator

  • Patient Referral Service for Designated Growers
  • Qualify professional designated growers
  • Determining probable yields
  • Recognizing personal / medical use amounts
  • Equipment, Design, Setup
  • Cultivation Techniques

Canadian Cannabis’ Consulting service for Qualified Designated Growers who wish to start growing for Patients. Introducing Patients to Pre-Qualified Local Professional Designated Growers to suit there needs. Our Team of Qualified Experts will also Consult on Determining probable Yields Recognizing personal medical use amounts.


Consultations and Pre-Qualifications for Designated Growers on Locating Patients in need. Providing Consultations on the best Medical Garden Cultivation Techniques , Strains, Systems, Designs,, Discounted Equipment, Nutrients and Security Measures to suit our Patients (Clients) and Qualified Designated Growers Direct needs.